About Us

Omega Watt was established in 2010 by founder Jaunre Heunis in Mossel Bay, which has grown to a small, but dynamic company which can operate anywhere in South Africa. Omega Watt Specialises in Electrical and Solar Installations for Commercial, Residential and Industrial properties.
We pride ourselves on managing our projects with fast decision-making and delivering on our commitments.

You expect quality-driven service and that is our promise to deliver professional solutions with the best technology and after-sales service.

Why choose us?


Experience and Expertise


High-Quality Products


Custom Designed Solutions


Eco-Friendly Solutions


Positive ROI

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Quality Products from the Best Brands on the Market. Combined with Our Innovative, Efficient Range of  Solar and Electrical Solutions!

Quality Products

We pride ourselves in supplying only the best quality products on the market for all our Solar and Electrical Solutions with the necessary warranties and quality control information.

Professional Installation

Our staff is well skilled in their respective fields, ensuring a high level of quality workmanship. Offering our clients a professional service from start to finish on all Solar and Electrical Solutions.

Approved Support

We are the approved installers and technical support agents for Sunsynk inverters and batteries, Victron Energy Inverters, Blue Nova Energy batteries and BSLBATT batteries.

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Solar Solutions

Our Solar Solutions include the supply and installation of home, business and industrial Energy Efficient Solar Power Solutions.
If one of our Solar kits doesn’t meet all your requirements, we have some custom-designed Solar Solutions to choose from.
Request A Quote from one of our Sunsynk or Victron Kits…

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Electrical Solutions

Our Electrical Solutions include the supply of quality electrical products and professional Installation into Residential, Commercial and Industrial premises. We are fully registered to supply you with all the required and approved certificates and warranties upon completion of all Solar and Electrical projects.

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Ready to Save on Your Monthly Electricity Expenditure?

Installing a Home, Business or Industrial Solar Power Solution is a significant step towards reducing your carbon footprint, with significant savings on your monthly and yearly electricity bills and adding value to your property.

How it Works

There are 2 important calculations required for you to work out what Solar System will suit your home or business!
Your daily/monthly energy consumption and the demand placed on your premises by all your required appliances.



Measure your power consumption in kWh from 7 am to 7 pm and then from 7 pm to 7 am over a 7-day or month period to obtain an overall calculation for those 2 periods as you will be placing different loads on your premises throughout the day as you will be in the evening.


Max Power Demand

Calculate all the Watts from all the appliances you will want to place on the system.


Need Help with Your System?

What You Get!

An energy-efficient Solar Solution be it a backup or a completely off-grid system where you are able to achieve a huge saving on your monthly electricity expenditure.
We keep you in the light with sustainable and affordable energy-efficient solutions!

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Omega Watt Product Range

Product Features and Specifications

We are the approved installers and technical support agents for the following products listed below.
Click to view specifications and information on the products we suggest and use with our Solar Solutions.