At OmegaWatt we supply the best Quality Products and Systems. With a staff compliment that is well skilled in their respective fields, we ensure the highest level of workmanship.


We specialise in Supplying and Installing Home, Business and Industrial Solar Power Solutions. Having an OmegaWatt Solar Solution is a significant step towards reducing your carbon footprint.  We provide Off Grid Solar Systems (with battery back-up or stand alone) and Grid Tied Solar Systems.


OmegaWatt also specialises in the Supply and Installation of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Solutions. Some of our projects include The Garden Route Casino in Mossel Bay and The Krugersdorp Medical Oncology Unit.


PV (Photovoltaic) Solar Energy Systems makes use of photovoltaic technology and a unique PTC AC/DC element to heat the water in the geyser. This differs from the traditional thermal hot water systems where water is cycled from a collector through pipes to the hot water cylinder by either making use of a 220V pump, 12V pump or thermo siphoning.


Cut down on your electrical expenses by installing a Solar Water Pump Solutions. This is especially beneficial in more remote areas as well as Agricultural and Livestock Watering Solutions. Solar Water Pump Solutions is Environmentally Friendly and Energy Efficient and Virtually Maintenance Free.

New Electrical Installations

  • We specialise in Electrical Installations for Commercial and Residential Properties.
  • Custom and Standard Designed Installations for Industrial Properties.
  • The Supply of Quality Hardware.
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Solar Installations

  • We supply the Best Solar Equipment.
  • Each project backed with a Superior Installation Process.
  • SOLAR Installations are supported with a maintenance schedule.
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  • Custom Designed Solar Power Systems.
  • Custom Electrical Installation Solutions.
  • Custom Solar PV Heating Solutions.
  • All Installation Projects are Managed to the specification.

Data Installations

  • Data Point Installations.
  • Cabling Installations.

solar pv water heating

  • Our Solar PV Water Heating makes use of Photovoltaic Technology making it easier to convert any geyser.
  • No Additional plumbing is required.
  • The water temperature can be controlled on very hot summer days, making it suitable in all water conditions.


  • Maintenance Schedule for Solar Installations and Electrical Installations.
  • Maintenance Schedule for PV Heating Installations.
  • Although our Solar Pump Solutions are virtually Maintenace Free, we still make sure our installs are done to spec and checked periodically.
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