PV on Roof and Hazard Label Pack

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PV on Roof Hazard Warning Label. It's quite a bold statement to say that a label or sticker can 'Save' a life, but in some cases, this can be true. If solar components, for instance, are not used in a responsible manner, it could cause an injury, and then it follows that having the components clearly labelled correctly is a must.

Health and safety regulations require that hazard warning labels and safety signs should be used by all workplaces that use potentially dangerous goods and equipment, and that can pose a potential risk to health and safety.

A PV on Roof Hazard Warning Label will help let anyone know that the roof is fragile and that they should stick to designated movement areas while working up there. This will aid their safety as well as those below.

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Complies to ISO7010


Self-adhesive, thick and durable polyolefin material