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Another great installation with an array of quality products and workmanship.

We forget to mention at times of the importance of what type of roof your residence has as this will always influence the installation process of your solar panels.
We take these and other important points into consideration when we start your quoting process to make sure we supply you with the best solar installation solution.

Inverter + Charge Controller

Sunsynk Sun 5K Hybrid Inverter. The Sunsynk 5kW hybrid Inverter is the ideal inverter for managing power flow from multiple sources such as solar, main electrical grid and generator, with a built in dual MPPT. Making life all that easier and super functional.
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Solar Panels

JA Solar 455W Mono MBB Percium Half-Cell Silver Frame Short MC4 Solar Panels installed in various areas, while taking the necessary precautions to obtain the most sun needed for the system.
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BSLBATT Lithium Battery 51.2V – 100Ah CANBUS 5.12kWh. The LFP 51.2V 100Ah Energy Storage Systems are a family of 51.2V battery modules and accessories. The 51.2V family is designed as a drop-in replacement for similar sized lead-acid batteries offering twice the run-time and nearly half the weight.
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Our Solar Solutions are Custom Designed around your Specific Requirements.
The Best Products at the Most Affordable Prices including all the Technical and Backup Support.
Sunsynk Inverter


5K Hybrid Inverter

JA Solar 455W 72 Cell Mono Solar Panels

JA Solar

455W Mono Percium



51.2V – 100Ah CANBUS 5.12kWh

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