Hybrid Solar Kit #1

Hybrid Solar Kit #4

Kit Includes

1 x Sunsynk Sun 5k Hybrid Inverter.
8 x JA SOLAR 460W Solar Panels.
1 x BSLBATT 51.2V – 125Ah CANBUS 6.4kWh Lithium Battery.
+ All Components and Installation of System.

Kit Description

Starter Solar Solution which comes with a BSLBATT 51.2V – 125Ah CANBUS 6.4kWh Lithium Battery.

The System is right for Expansion, by adding more Solar Panels and Batteries of the same model.

1 x

Sunsynk Inverter

Sunsynk Sun 5k Hybrid Inverter

100Ah 52V 5.2k RacPower DU (Daily Use)

Sunsynk Inverters are possibly one of the best Inverter products on the market, with features that surpass other brands. Sunsynk Inverters have Dual Built-In MPPT’s that can take up to 7 Solar Panels per MPPT. This inverter is perfect for a backup system to use with only solar panels or a battery, but powerful enough for future expansion.


  • Rated Power: 5000Watt
  • MPPT: x 2 (built in)
  • Max MPPT Power: 6500 Watt

8 x

JA Solar 455W 72 Cell Mono Solar Panels

JA SOLAR Solar Panels

Mono Percium MBB Solar Panels
Quantity: 8

JA Solar has been highly recognised in the industry as a leading global manufacturer of high-performance PV products.
8 Panels = ± 16Wh/day @ 4.5h Winter Time


  • High Output Power
  • Less Shading Effect
  • Lower Temperature Coefficient
  • Better Mechanical Loading Tolerance

1 x


BSLBATT Lithium Battery

51.2V – 125Ah CANBUS 6.4kWh

The 51.2V series is designed for lower voltage, lower power and longer run-time applications. They are built with LFP Technology that offers outstanding intrinsic safety and excellent float and cycle life resulting in low cost of ownership.


  • Cycle Life: 3000 @ 100% DoD (Depth of Discharge)
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Warranty: 10 Year Warranty

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