Geyserwise PTC Stainless Steel 230V Electrical Geyser Element 2kW

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Product Features

The PTC Element
A Consumer can replace his traditional resistive heating element with a Geyserwise PTC Titanium element and save electricity and have an electric element expected to last in the region of 10 years.

Energy-saving capabilities
In figure 3 below a like for like comparison is made between a traditional 2kW resistive element (Green Line) and the Geyserwise PTC element (Redline).
It is estimated that roughly 15% of energy will be saved by replacing a traditional element with a Geyserwise PTC Titanium element. The consumer may also have further savings by not having to replace traditional resistive elements on a regular basis

Advantages of the PTC element

  • The consumer will have the benefit of buying a product that can last up to ten years. “In certain areas in South Africa elements are replaced every second month.
  • The consumer has the added benefit of saving electricity by using the PTC element.

Problems with traditional inefficient resistive heating elements
Today many residences are experiencing regular problems with their resistive heating elements due to:

  • Premature failure due to hard water conditions. Some of our customers have to regularly replace their resistive heating elements due to poor quality of water. This leads to scaling build-up and inefficiencies in electricity consumption to heat hot water.
  • Premature failure due to cheap imports of resistive heating elements. In many cases, materials are not suitable for our water conditions and lead to inefficiencies in electricity consumption to heat hot water

The Innovation
Recognising the necessity for product refinement Geyserwise developed an advanced immersion heater element that offers inherent safety and improved functionality over typical resistance-wire heaters. The element is constructed of Titanium and utiliSes Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) chips as the heat source – this offers a self-limiting capability previously unavailable, and eliminates the possibility of overheating when used properly. This advantageous concept represents a major milestone in immersion water heating both from an Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC) supply source. The PTC chips also have energy-saving capabilities as the resistance decreases as the temperature of the water increases.
A consumer can save energy by merely replacing their resistive element with the Geyserwise PTC Titanium element OR by installing a Geyserwise PTC Photovoltaic water heating system.

Product Specifications

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 100 × 20 × 300 cm

2200W AC, 900DC

Product Data Sheet

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